UNISON calls for better support over lone working

On 8th September a collective grievance originally raised in 2012 will be heard in Norfolk.

UNISON has been calling for supportive changes over lone working – this applies to a small number of our staff, but it is an emotive subject. Many of us know someone who has suffered from issues, or we’ve experienced difficulties ourselves. Whether it’s a run of difficult jobs, an assault, or a personal issue that has affected mental health and confidence, these can all impact on the ability to function as a sole responder. Continue reading

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UNISONs HCRT collective grievance

UNISON has been supporting a group of HCRT staff with a collective grievance, submitted earlier this year, following the Trust advertising new roles which excluded applications from internal staff. Continue reading

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IX and meal break initial survey

As part of the ongoing evaluation of the incremental pilot, please take a few minutes to compete this survey.

This initial survey will be open until 2nd August:

Please click here to access the survey

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UNISON and the Trust agree measures to better support frontline staff

Following a number of weeks of negotiations between UNISON and the Trust, facilitated by ACAS, we have arrived at a position which we believe is genuinely beneficial and supportive of staff. Continue reading

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UNISON’s ‘disability pay protection’ grievance upheld.

Over the past few years UNISON has campaigned for changes to better support staff with disabilities in our Trust. You can read more about our campaign by following this link.

In November 2015 we discovered through casework that the Trust was no longer applying pay protection for staff with disabilities in need of redeployment and we challenged this change through our staff forums, eventually resulting in a grievance.

The grievance was recently upheld and it’s appreciated the Trust has made a commitment that pay protection will apply, with immediate effect, to staff in need of redeployment due to a disability, in keeping with the terms set out in our change management policy. This will also be reflected in our disability policy, as a joint chair change.

Kind regards,


Fraer Stevenson
UNISON Branch Secretary

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