‘Big bother’ and email monitoring in EoE…

The trust recently threatened to take action against a UNISON representative for the contents of a private email sent to other UNISON representatives.

The Branch Committee is advising UNISON members, with immediate effect, to use non trust email accounts to communicate anything with their representatives that they would not be happy sharing with the trust.

Please also be aware that accessing non trust email accounts, via web browsers, from any trust computer, is also potentially visible to the trust.

We have asked to urgently review the trust email use policy; to bring it under the staff partnership forum as a HR policy and to rewrite it in order to better protect privacy.

Fraer has requested data under the Freedom of Information Act into email access/monitoring/IT surveillance and will publish more details asap.

Regional Branch Committee

UNISON East of England Ambulance Branch 20106

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1 Response to ‘Big bother’ and email monitoring in EoE…

  1. Steve Wilson says:

    I will have them under the data protection act if they look at my private emails.
    Where’s the advice to block their attempts to snoop ? I will just cancel
    My email work account. Is it a requirement under workplace law to have a work email address?


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