Openness and transparency…

On 5th October, the Trust was issued with a formal decision notice from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). This notice is over a failure to respond to a freedom of information request, relating to Board level information. The Trust now has 35 days to respond.

Failure to respond within 35 days could result in the Information Commissioner making written certification of this fact to the High Court pursuant, to section 54 of the Act, and may be dealt with as contempt of court.

All ICO notices are published and this could be damaging to the trust, with the potential to lead to a loss of confidence in the trusts ability to be honest and transparent. I have asked for this issue to be investigated as a Serious Incident.

This is the second time the Trust has been issued with a formal decision notice. In 2013 the Trust refused to provide a series of letters written by managers to the Board, expressing their concerns over rota redesign – over the planned reduction in Ambulances and increases in RRVs. Eventually the letters were released and published by UNISON in December 2013.

We will update you in the UNISON newsletter.

Kind regards,


Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary

East of England Ambulance Branch 20106

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1 Response to Openness and transparency…

  1. Anon says:

    Openness and transparency!!! two words EEAST managers don’t know the meaning of!!!


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