Late finishes and meal break proposals

Your UNISON Branch Committee met today (22nd march) to discuss the trusts recent proposals, the way this has been handled by the trust, and the results of our indicative ballot.

Over 60% of our patient facing members in A&E operations took part in our indicative ballot, and of those members, 90% said they would vote for industrial action over late finishes.

For over a year we have been trying to influence the Board and bring in measures to better support staff and reduce late finishes. We have gone to significant lengths in our campaign.

Industrial action is always a very last resort and we really appreciate it’s an emotive subject for patient facing staff to consider.

During our indicative ballot and following discussions about a crew working for 20.5 hours, the trust put forwards measures last week which we believe looked to improve performance at the further cost of staff welfare. This was not acceptable.

Due to the lack of traction from the trust and the very clear mandate from our members, the Branch Committee voted unanimously to carry out a ballot for industrial action over late finishes. We communicated this to the trust earlier today.

The trust has given a commitment that they will not impose the measures outlined in their proposals. We have discussed re-entering negotiations early next week and we will continue to try and find a solution. These talks will run concurrently with progressing our ballot.

The open letter from staff has over 1300 signatures and I sincerely hope the Board reflect on that.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch – we are a members led union and your feedback is vital.

We will keep you fully informed over progress.

Kind regards,


Fraer Stevenson
UNISON Branch Secretary

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2 Responses to Late finishes and meal break proposals

  1. Alan says:

    The trust also gave a commitment to withdraw ECA role and other stuff but went back on it, they will force this through


  2. Liam says:

    Thank you for your hard work in supporting us. It’s nice to know someone is looking after us. We really are trying our best both out on the road and HEOC.


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