Branch Secretary update – 30 minute handover…

At the public board meeting this week a document was included in the papers which raised a number of concerns for UNISON.

30 minute handover at acutes. 
“From the 6 June 2016, EEAST intends to implement the 30 minute hospital handover measure to protect patients in the community from handover delays. In simple terms, this will mean that if a crew has been waiting to hand over a patient at hospital for more than 30 minutes, and a 999 call comes in for which they are the closest resource, the crew can be instructed to leave the patient at the hospital and respond, if the risk to the patient in the community is greater. Sandy Brown has sent a letter to all Acute Hospitals, week commencing 9 May 2016 advising of our intention. A protocol and instruction flow chart will be communicated to staff to ensure they are empowered to make decisions at the hospital.”

We had already raised our concerns over this issue with Robert Morton, after the NTK article a few weeks ago. A large number of members have also been in touch with us to express their concerns.

At the public board meeting this week, a Board member stated that the trust had received a threat from an acute that they would report any Paramedics to the HCPC, if the trust carried this out at their acute. We have also had concerns raised from staffside at acutes over the trusts letter – and it’s disappointing the trust did not share this letter with UNISON, or provide us with any further details.

The trust has today committed to a meeting with UNISON over this issue next week – and we will update members as soon as possible.

We are preparing to consult with members over the trusts proposal over late finishes/meal breaks, following ACAS facilitated meetings this week, so please keep an eye on your emails over the next few days.

Kind regards,


Fraer Stevenson
UNISON Branch Secretary

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1 Response to Branch Secretary update – 30 minute handover…

  1. Sue says:

    Agree something needs to be done regards hospital turnaround times but on face value this appears to be ill thought out. Common sense should prevail however as if you don’t have the ability to leave a patient ie no trolley etc and no-one to take over continuity of care whoever is doing the ‘instructing’ can whistle.
    The HCPC will not be interested in these cases as that is not what they are there for. They are not there as a threat to people doing the job to the best of their ability. Anyone leaving a patient because they are ‘told’ to needs to submit a datix report to cover themselves and state who they were told to by and what the circumstances were – as long as they don’t place the patient they are currently caring for at risk they should have no comeback from the HCPC and they can’t be disciplined. Your first priority is to the patient you are dealing with – it’s the Trusts responsibility to argue the case for more funding and resources. No wonder I left!!!! But in a position now with a number of hats on to see the whole picture.


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