UNISON update for Student Paramedics

Following the submission of a UNISON supported collective grievance at the end of April, the Trust has agreed to change the way it applies Annex U.

The Trust will be writing out to all Student Paramedics within the next few weeks outlining the agreed changes and details of how underpayments will be made to students.

The Trust has agreed to apply Annex U as follows:
(i) On appointment 65% of the top of band 5
(ii) After 6 months 70% of the top of band 5
(iii) After 1.5 years 75% of the top of band 5
Upon HCPC registration, commencement at the bottom of band 5.

EEAST Student Paramedic contracts currently state:
On appointment 65% of the top of band 5
After 12 months 70% of the top of band 5
After 2 years 75% of the top of band 5
Upon HCPC registration, commencement at the bottom of band 5.

This agreed change will result in a payment for all students past the 6 month point and ongoing beneficial pay progression for students beyond 6 months. 

UNISON is still negotiating with the Trust over parity of pay with the SEMT role and making sure that students are not at a financial detriment due to delays. We are waiting for mapping to be shared over how many students are effected by delays and it’s hoped this will be shared next week.

The Trust has also agreed to put something in NTK to clarify that students are contractually entitled to take their study leave as paid time off work. The letters to ARU students from the Trust have caused some concerns – the Trust is not removing the contactual right for students to be given the time off. If any UNISON members have issues getting study leave agreed, please contact your UNISON county leads in the first instance and we will assist.

Kind regards,

Fraer Stevenson
UNISON Branch Secretary
East of England Ambulance Branch 20106


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8 Responses to UNISON update for Student Paramedics

  1. Andy Smallman says:

    Can we have a list of the UNISON county leads please, as I’ve no idea who mine is


  2. Sandra Swann says:

    Fraer in case I get asked to explain the above, could you just explain something to me first? The Trust has agreed to apply annex U and it’s listed above the progression ending with (iii) after 1.5years 75% of the top of Band 5. Why does it then say upon HCPC registration commencement at the bottom of band 5? Isn’t this a drop back down or is it a typo? I’m a bit confused.


    • The top of band 5 is £28,462. 65% of the top of band 5 is £18,500, 75% of the top of band 5 is £21,236. The bottom of band 5 is £21,909. You need to add on the unsocial hours to get the income of the student, but basically on registration SAPs will get a small increase. We’re working on alignment with SEMT, as that would form a type of preceptorship for SAPs, allowing them quicker pay progression in band 5 – but that’s not been agreed with the Trust, but it did form part of the SAP grievance, which we’re still working on. Hope that all makes sense – happy to talk through it if that helps. Thanks, Fraer


  3. Liam says:

    I thoroughly support staff being paid at the correct banding but can I just clarify the pay banding for senior EMT’a against paramedics who have opted to remind as paramedics at band 5? Are band 5 paramedics on the same scale are senior EMT’s. If so, why is this?


  4. Rebecca says:

    Hello, thank you for this. Just wondering if there is any news on when we’ll hear from the trust about back pay and whether it has been confirmed that ALL hours worked will be back paid i.e. late off and overtime hours?

    Thanks a lot


    • Hi, All students should have received an email from the Trust which gives October as the expected date when this will be rectified. The back pay will include all hours worked, which is why it’s going to take a bit of time to go through, as there’s hundreds of staff owed back pay. That said the fees issue was resolved fairly quickly, so we’re hoping it won’t take too long. Thanks.


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