UNISONs HCRT collective grievance

UNISON has been supporting a group of HCRT staff with a collective grievance, submitted earlier this year, following the Trust advertising new roles which excluded applications from internal staff.

We have had reassurances from the Trust that the issue will be resolved, although that has yet to become reality. Due to the extended timeline, we have repeatedly asked for a formal hearing date, and today we have been given the 14th September.

Our view is the Trust has breached the NHS Constitution, by excluding internal staff from applying for new roles and we do not feel the Trust has acted in a supportive or open manner by treating existing staff in this way, or by taking so long to resolve this issue.

Given externally recruited AAP staff are now starting on the road, it’s understandable that HCRT staff, who have been promised development over many months, are feeling very upset about the situation.

We have received a commitment from the Trust that all future roles will be open to all staff to apply, and we would hope to have an outcome to the grievance for HCRT staff, prior to the hearing date, which will require a commitment over numbers of HCRT staff that will be released and course dates.

Kind regards,

Fraer Stevenson UNISON Branch Secretary & Claire Stuart UNISON Norfolk County lead.





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5 Responses to UNISONs HCRT collective grievance

  1. Thank you Fraer I know you and Clare have been working hard on this.


  2. Kay Clare says:

    I appreciate that all roles will be open for internal staff to apply but we have been told that to go for these jobs, we have to resign from our current roles.
    Are you aware that a member of PTS staff has been given an IAP post and he starts his training next month. This member of staff is getting his continuation of service. He applied via east 24 and argued with HR that this made him an internal candidate, he won the argument.


    • Hi Kay, We’ve been in discussion with the Trust about this issue – and the grievance from a collective of HCRT staff. We hope to be able to release something over the next week to resolve this issue. There is an internal pathway for PTS staff to IAP and HCRT to IAP/AAP. Details are being finalised. In terms of continuation of service, that would always apply if any NHS staff member took on another NHS role, as its a national t&c – please contact me via work email, or your local county lead and we’ll take it up with your local HR if needed. I’ll post the update to social media (this site and Facebook) as soon as we can. It’ll also go in NTK.


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