No hearing date and no decision – UNISON commences campaigning for Student Paramedics

In April a UNISON supported collective grievance from student Paramedics was submitted over Annex U and student delays.The annex U issue has been resolved and students have been refunded.

The second part of the grievance has been delayed and the Trust has made a number of promises  about dates when decisions will be made – it’s UNISONs view, after discussions with some of our student members, that we need to start campaigning on this issue.

This was communicated to the Trust yesterday to give them another opportunity to make a decision, or provide us with a hearing date. In response the Trust stated the grievance did not comply with the collective grievance policy and this was why a hearing date had not been provided – although they did add they are continuing to work on the issue.

UNISON submitted the grievance in April in keeping with policy, so it’s not clear why the Trust is now questioning the grievance. We had also received responses from HR stating they would come back to us with a hearing date, which to date has not happened.

A number of students have made appointments to see their MPs to seek their support over the delays and the financial detriment they are facing due to the delays. UNISON is also speaking to MPs asking for their support on this issue. Given the national agreement over the newly qualified Paramedic role, many students have expressed concerns they will be further disadvantaged because of the length of time the Trust is taking to resolve this grievance.

It is always our preference to work in partnership, although after 8 months and a number of broken promises, it’s our view this will not be resolved without outside support and campaigning.

Thank you to the students who signed the grievance – we will keep everyone updated on the progress of our campaigning.

Kind regards,
Fraer Stevenson
UNISON Branch Secretary

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