#Treatusfairly: Open letter from Student Paramedics

Open letter to the Chief Executive, East of England Ambulance Service

Student Paramedics raised a collective grievance in April 2016. The grievance aimed to provide us with pay parity and address the financial detriment caused by delays to our training.

The financial detriment we are facing is as a direct result of the Trust failing to provide us with our Paramedic training within the 30 months outlined in our contracts. 

The grievance also sought to protect our progression into band 6 at the 42 month point, or 12 months post registration, whichever came first.

UNISON has chased this grievance repeatedly and has provided copies of emails from HR stating they were looking at a hearing date. HR is now stating, 8 months after submission, that they do not accept our collective grievance.

Many of us believe the Trust has deliberately delayed our grievance because of the national band 6 agreement and the Trusts intention to lengthen the 12 month post registration period in band 5 before we can progress into band 6. This is grossly unfair and negatively affects hundreds of student Paramedics. 

The collective grievance policy states a hearing should take place within 49 days of submission and this has not happened.

The collective grievance policy states access to the policy can be restricted or withheld where local negotiations are taking place and where Senior staffside agree. There are no negotiations taking place and UNISON does not agree for access to the collective grievance policy to be restricted or withheld.

HR have made their views clear, so we’re asking you, in an open letter, as our Chief Executive, to arrange a hearing and to commit to treat us fairly. 

Signed by Student Paramedics, East of England Ambulance Service

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