Please share your views…

The ‘new’ incidental overtime form came to our local partnership forums, as well as our staff partnership forums last year for discussion. 

UNISON’s view was that we did not support the introduction of these forms Trustwide, based on this being duplication of information already captured and given that the admin/staff ratio in NSC and parts of Essex already causes problems.

UNISON felt introducing these forms would place additional pressures on staff (frontline staff and admin staff).

Disappointingly the Trust has recently imposed these forms. 

The Trust was issued with improvement notices from the HSE in early November and these notices had to be met by 2nd February. UNISON has seen the notices (they’re also publicly available) and it’s our view these incidental forms will not assist the Trust to meet the HSE notices.

If any support services staff or managers are not able to process these forms during their contractual working hours, or if doing so means you are not able to undertake your core responsibilities, please communicate that clearly to your line manager and feel free to copy in your local UNISON representative for support.

UNISON has opened a survey to capture your views and we’ll be putting those across to the Trust when we next meet with the Trust at our regular monthly joint working group on 16th February. Please follow this link:

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