Collective Student Paramedic Grievance – NOT upheld

The collective student Paramedic grievance (lodged in April 2016) has not been upheld.

This means the panel has not agreed to address the delays to the student pathway – student paramedic progression into band 6 is not protected and the Trust has also refused to apply pay parity to the SEMT role.

UNISON has been advised by the panel in the outcome letter to work in partnership to resolve these issues. The grievance was raised due to a failure to address the issues in partnership over many months, followed by a ten month delay and a campaign to get a hearing.  A week before the hearing we met with the Chief Executive and the Director of People and Culture to see if there was a partnership solution and a resolution was not forthcoming.

We are due to release the independent review of bullying, harassment, discrimination and casework  shortly and given the above, it’s incredibly disappointing that another very delayed grievance has not been resolved supportively for the staff involved.

We will be discussing how to progress this issue and updating members as soon as we can.

Kind regards,

Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary


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