Members have been in touch about the ‘missing’ 15 minutes de-kitting time at the end of shift.

We have also seen emails from management setting out that this will no longer be paid. UNISON does not believe this is fair or reasonable and we have raised this with the Trust.

We’re advising members to continue to claim for 15 minutes de-kitting, which has historically been paid as overtime or recorded as lieu hours. De-kitting a vehicle is a work task that is required by the employer and this must be paid. It must also be recorded on GRS as work time, for the purpose of monitoring working hours.

Please take part in this survey, so we can further evidence the strength of feeling.


For UNISON members who are not paid for de-kitting, please raise this in writing with your line manager as an underpayment, setting out clearly that you consider it not acceptable to withhold payment for work that has been completed. Please copy in your UNISON county lead representative.

We hope this can be resolved with the Trust through partnership working, with the help of evidence from our survey. We’re also exploring other options for UNISON members.

Kind regards,


Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary

East of England Ambulance Branch

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