APR and change management

UNISON raised concerns some weeks ago, when RRV staff were informed they would be moved off their lines onto relief, without any notice or change management process because of ARP. 

This is one of the reasons why we wrote to all UNISON Senior Paramedic members at the end of august, raising our concerns about the single Job Description and how we believed the Trust could use that to avoid change management.

After our concerns were ignored by Senior management, we raised concerns in the media: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/health/more-ambulances-to-be-put-on-our-roads-in-bid-to-reach-sickest-patients-quicker-1-5229169

Following the media commentary and the submission of a UNISON supported collective grievance, the Trust has agreed to meet with UNISON and discuss a change management process to support our staff. We still have concerns, given the ongoing difficulties we have with the Trust being open.

We need to see the modelling data that is being used to inform change as there are concerns ARP is being used to deplete rural cover to favour urban areas.  In other Trusts UNISON has been involved in agreeing the data assumptions for rota and resource changes in relation to ARP. In our Trust this has not happened.

If anyone is facing imposed changes, or if you have concerns, please contact your local county lead, and/or local representative for support. You are entitled to be treated fairly, to have your individual circumstances taken into account, and you must be offered 1-2-1 meetings with representation. We will support all members who are affected by these changes.


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