Annual leave pay for UNISON members

UNISON in EEAST continues to support a growing number of our members with Employment Tribunal claims in relation to holiday pay. 

The initial Employment Tribunal (Flowers and others v East of England Ambulance Trust) held that holiday pay must include enforced overtime payments (ie incidental/late finishes). This is to ensure that normal remuneration is included in holiday pay. UNISON has appealed the outcome, as we believe payments while on holiday should also include planned overtime.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) is set for April 2018. Based on other recent cases heard at EAT, we believe we have a strong case and legally this could be very significant.

We’re encouraging all members (or non-members that wish to join), to submit a legal claim. Only those members in the claim will be able to try and secure their rights to these payments. There is no automatic need for the Trust to apply any ruling to all staff, although UNISON will continue to discuss this with the Trust.

If you wish to try and secure additional pay for the annual leave you have taken, please fill in our simple case form and we will process it for you. It’s helpful to include copies of your pay slips for the past two years and a print out from GRS of your annual leave for the same period.

The average claim we are currently supporting is worth £6,000 per member – this includes all regular payments intrinsically linked to employment.

You can download the case form here:

It will take you about 10 minutes to fill in sections 1 – 10 and please post it to:

UNISON, C/O Cromer Ambulance Station, Middlebrook way, Cromer. NR27 9JR.

UNISON will waver the four week membership rule and take on any new members legal cases for this issue. 

You can join UNISON online here:

Best wishes

Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary

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