UNISON and EEAST update over Student Paramedics


Following the joint agreement over transitional arrangements for our student Paramedics the Trust and UNISON have continued discussions about ARU11 and agreed that this cohort should also be included in the agreement.

We have been asked to provide clarity for student Paramedics who are in one of the cohorts mentioned in the agreement. To avoid any confusion, if you qualify as part of one of the cohorts set out in the agreement, even if this is after 1st April 2017, you are included in the agreement. The rationale behind setting out each cohort, was to ensure that regardless of any delays, for example, exam board and/or HCPC delays, the entire cohort is included. The progression to band 6 for all those in the named cohorts will be automatic and as per the agreement ‘a supportive review will be undertaken at the 12 month anniversary to consider what elements of the consolidation of learning programme they require to support their ongoing development.’

The Trust also recognises there may be individual exceptional circumstances and it’s been agreed these will be considered on an individual basis.

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