UNISON late finishes update

UNISON continues to discuss with the Trust the issue of late finishes and we’ve been putting across the views of over 900 staff who completed our recent survey.

We’ve also been talking about other Trusts and have put forwards changes in EEAST, based on measures other Trusts are using to reduce late finishes to better support their staff and protect them from the pressures.

These measures include:

Restrictions to calls in the last hour and further restrictions in the last 30 minutes.
Putting back in place and strengthening our cross-border protection.
Booking crews X-ray and using IX0.
Having a form of staff support desk – that takes ownership of staff support and monitoring crews out of area, books Trim referrals, assists turn around of crews at acutes at shift end, arranges taxi journeys for staff after long transfers if needed, monitors working hours and supports crews coming in late the following shift, carries out welfare checks and is a central point of contact over welfare concerns. We have also discussed with the Trust the ability of staff on the support desk to be trained mediators, to assist with more timely mediation across the Trust.

Based on the feedback you’ve given us, we plan on launching a film about late finishes, to highlight the impact these are having. We have offered to launch this film jointly with the Trust, alongside a range of additional/supportive measures, as outlined above, to protect you from late finishes.

We hope the Trust leadership will embrace the film and commit to act in partnership over this serious health and safety issue. The Trust has publicly said it will do more to address the issue of late finishes, so we now need those words to become actions.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey, supported the development of our campaign plan, and took part in the filming. Without your involvement and feedback, we would not be able to influence change.

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