CQC visits EEAST

The Trust has issued advice to management, letting them know the CQC will be visiting next week for no-notice inspections.

The CQC is the regulator of the Trust, so you can make a difference by letting them know your experiences.

You can raise concerns directly with the CQC and we’d encourage staff to do that in confidence:


You can also call the CQC on 03000 616161 or email them on enquiries@cqc.org.uk

We’ll certainly be highlighting the issues we’ve been trying to influence on your behalf such as – a worsening to late finishes, unsupportive sickness management (giving disciplinary sanctions for sickness), out of date policies and procedures, casework delays, bullying and harassment, and lack of fit for purpose uniform.

Following on from the Trust’s public commentary about late finishes to the HSJ (EEAST HSJ comments) we will be launching the campaign film we’ve made which featured comments from some of the +900 staff who told us late finishes have worsened. Thank you to everyone who has agreed to be part of that campaign plan and we hope this will move the leadership to stop talking about the issue, and start doing something about it to better support you.

Best wishes,


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