Rota Changes

The Trust has today released information about planned changes they intend to make to all frontline rotas.
UNISON has been asking for a range of information about the modeling work ORH has carried out, to enable us to represent you and fully understand the rationale that informs the changes. Some of this information has not yet been provided. The Trust (Executive level) is saying they cannot release this specific information as it’s embargoed as part of the ISR. In other Trust’s the information we’re requesting was made available to staff side at an early stage of the work ORH/WTS have undertaken. We are very concerned this is a repeat of the lack of openness the Trust demonstrated during the last rota redesign and this does little to reassure us.

There are a number of assumptions the Trust has made in the FAQs they have released, that we do not agree with – for example, that all flexible working patterns may need to be reviewed and there will be a 30 day notice period of rota changes where unsocial hour payments change. We feel these assumptions to the core principles will negatively impact on staff and go against the advice given in the ZEAL culture review – to protect and encourage flexible working. We know that many staff cannot change their rotas with just 30 days notice of the new pattern, without major disruption to child care and home life and that changes to unsocial hour payments may impact on staff significantly. With the uncertainty over the pay deal across the NHS and the potential for Ambulance staff to move onto Section 2 (which means changes to unsocial hour payments as well as the removal of unsocial hours while off sick ), this is not a great time to be looking to go through a massive rota change exercise.
We have major concerns that the Trust is looking to enter into a Trust-wide rota redesign based on purely demand profile data, rather than looking intelligently at the recruitment we need to undertake and adding in new rotas to minimise the impact on existing staff.
We will continue to represent you and encourage the Trust to be open to enable us to do that. As things stand, we have major concerns at this early stage.
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