UNISON and EEAST update – Holiday Pay


At the December SPF (Staff Partnership Forum), the Trust and UNISON agreed, in keeping with a UNISON grievance outcome from October 2016, and a subsequent agreement from AACE (Association of Ambulance Chief Executives) which applies across ambulance sector from June 2017, that the Trust will pay an average (based on the 13 week review period) of incidental overtime while staff are on annual leave. Continue reading

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UNISON and EEAST update over Student Paramedics


Following the joint agreement over transitional arrangements for our student Paramedics the Trust and UNISON have continued discussions about ARU11 and agreed that this cohort should also be included in the agreement. Continue reading

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Annual leave pay for UNISON members

UNISON in EEAST continues to support a growing number of our members with Employment Tribunal claims in relation to holiday pay. 

The initial Employment Tribunal (Flowers and others v East of England Ambulance Trust) held that holiday pay must include enforced overtime payments (ie incidental/late finishes). This is to ensure that normal remuneration is included in holiday pay. UNISON has appealed the outcome, as we believe payments while on holiday should also include planned overtime. Continue reading

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UNISON and EEAST update.

We are pleased to confirm that following extensive partnership work supported by ACAS, UNISON and the Trust have agreed a new trade union recognition agreement which you can read here.

There are a range of supporting documents yet to be developed as appendices to the agreement.  Further meeting dates have been agreed in the New Year facilitated by ACAS to jointly develop these documents to further support positive partnership working.  These include trade union facilities, consultation and negotiation framework and a disputes resolution procedure.

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UNISON update – Recognition and late finishes.

Recognition Agreement

Trade Union organised workplaces are the safest and most secure, the best employer’s recognise the value in workers having an independent voice, and a well organised union helps to improve performance by holding managers to account, scrutinising decisions and bringing forward ideas from the front line. Good employers have nothing at all to fear from a well organised Union as their interests are often shared. Continue reading

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Update from UNISON

Following the Trust’s message ‘Trade Union discussions’ sent out to all staff this afternoon (23rd November), we felt it was important to publicly respond.

We have a meeting planned with the Trust and ACAS on 4th December to discuss recognition and it is encouraging that the Trust has publicly stated they wish to continue to voluntary recognise UNISON.

It was concerning when the Trust gave us notice on our existing recognition agreement. In our experience that is not conducive to improving partnership working, especially when the Trust is also looking to commence large scale change management (ARP). We rightly raised concerns after members got in touch about changes which were being imposed and had not gone through any consultation or change management process.  Continue reading

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