Late finishes and meal break update 

After going through a very difficult period of negotiations with the Trust to avoid industrial action, a pilot of IX and changes to the calls crews can go to in their interruptible period of meal breaks was introduced in August 2016. The changes went Trust wide in October 2016. Continue reading

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#Treatusfairly: Open letter from Student Paramedics

Open letter to the Chief Executive, East of England Ambulance Service

Student Paramedics raised a collective grievance in April 2016. The grievance aimed to provide us with pay parity and address the financial detriment caused by delays to our training. Continue reading

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No hearing date and no decision – UNISON commences campaigning for Student Paramedics

In April a UNISON supported collective grievance from student Paramedics was submitted over Annex U and student delays.The annex U issue has been resolved and students have been refunded.

The second part of the grievance has been delayed and the Trust has made a number of promises  about dates when decisions will be made – it’s UNISONs view, after discussions with some of our student members, that we need to start campaigning on this issue. Continue reading

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‘Newly Qualified Paramedic’ role and band 6

Nationally a new band 6 Paramedic profile has recently been released and alongside this there is a national profile planned for a band 5 ‘newly qualified Paramedic’ (NQP) role. The guidance put out by NHS employers over the NQP role states there will be a development period for newly qualified Paramedics to be in band 5, prior to going into band 6:

“these new entrant programmes will ordinarily be for a period of 24 months and conditional upon individuals demonstrating they have the requisite knowledge, skills/competencies for their role and that they have demonstrated the required level of performance and delivery during the programme period, as determined locally.” Continue reading

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UNISON commissions independent consultancy

UNISON has commissioned an independent consultancy to review bullying, harassment, discrimination and casework in the East of England Ambulance Service.

The consultancy guarantees that no one who participants in the review will be identified either by name or by incident. They are interested in looking at themes and patterns and this is how they will be reporting.

Please complete the short survey:

As well as a survey, there is also the opportunity for confidential 1-2-1 meetings in person – at our UNISON offices in Chelmsford and Bury St Edmunds, or via phone – please contact the consultancy direct via

The review will run until 6th January. 

You can find further details on our blog:

Kind regards,
Fraer Stevenson
UNISON Branch Secretary
East of England Ambulance Service

For more information about the work UNISON does within the East of England Ambulance service or to contact your local Unison rep click here

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Independent review of Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination and Case Work


UNISON have commissioned The Andrea Adams Consultancy (AAC) to undertake a review of bullying, harassment, discrimination and case work in the East England Ambulance Service Trust (EEAST). As you may be aware in 2014 we conducted a similar exercise for London Ambulance Service. Continue reading

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